May 16th, 2007

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Four Fingers In a Glove

This is a dream post.

To start, I need to say thanks to all the people who listened to me bitch yesterday. The day did get considerably better when my mother offered to step in and deal with the apartment shit, drove into the city...and brought me a Wii.

So I played about an hour of Wii last night, till my arms got tired. Wow.

I got my cable hooked up, I got my keys. Everything is looking good. There are some problems with the apartment, but compared to other people's problems? It was an aggravating day, that's all.

Speaking of other people's problems, a couple people who read this journal are having real, serious problems right now and I just want to say I love them and believe in them. A lot.

When there are people I really adore in the world, when I'm in close physical proximity, I sometimes sit near them and just think, I love you, I love you, I love you and wonder if the feelings of love and happiness cross from my mind to theirs. There's something significant about doing this without saying it out loud. I'm not sure why. It may not actually do anything, but it feels like a good thing. It doesn't feel the same when I do it in front of a computer, but I'm doing it now.

In other real life news, I got to work this morning to not one, but two packages covered in Disney Princess stickers. I am now wearing a hot pink boa and a shiny tiara, but not the fifty pounds of Mardi Gras beads that liret sent me. There is little in the world as exciting as getting boxes of shinies.

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That was when I woke up.