June 4th, 2007

cap, captain miss america

Barbecue and other delectable delights.

So, I have a shitload of things I wanted to write about and didn't/couldn't for want of LJ not working/got caught up with other things. Suffice to say, they may come, they may not.

However, just for the sake of a life update, I:

--Have electricty
--Have water
--Have my desk put together
--Have my TV, cable, and Wii set up
--Am still using my floor instead of my desk
--Love my new bed
--Desperately need to unpack

--Saw Bug. I may either recommend or not recommend this movie on the grounds that it was too good at portraying what it tried to portray. Which was seriously and truly disturbing in more ways than I can accurately communicate.

--Went to a barbecue. Josh, my wonderful former coworker, has a barbecue every other week. I did not get to go to the last one because it was the same day as Jo's shower, but this one, I WENT TO. The theme was Filipino food, which I've never cooked before, as Josh's girlfriend, Kristin, is Filipino, and they went there for a few weeks this winter. Saturday night, I tried to make pastillas de leche which came out more like catpuke de leche. So then I made these interesting cookies that use cornstarch instead of flour.

And then I found out that one of Josh's friends is allergic to wheat! So he got to have cookies ! He seemed very happy about this and I was very pleased that my cookies went to such good use. It started raining about halfway through the barbecue and we moved inside to play Wii surgery! I almost killed the guy but didn't, whew. Also, I made a Mii of Jesus, which was pretty awesome. Every time he won, the golden glow of Heaven would shine down upon him. Yay.

--Have had several dreams which I have forgotten or forgotten to keep track of. I can, however, recall two that I should write down about.

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Also, I have menny, menny artz. I wanted to have one more, but it's not finished yet (it's a pic for ninepointfivemm), but the amount of art I haven't posted anywhere but the Erins board is getting to be insane and I wanted to put it up somewhere where all's y'all's could see. So.

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