June 6th, 2007


Memes and Dreams

meme via bubonicplague

So, zia_narratora, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 12% unique
(blame, for example, your interest in wicked dairies)
and 3% herdlike
(partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy smashing pumpkins).
When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers.

Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 50

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 89% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Also, I know I do this a lot and frequently don't follow through, but this time I'm really going to try because I have been trying to get back in the habit of drawing more. I'm just going to do it differently this time.

Leave a message back and I will draw something from your userinfo interests. Most likely a fictional character or something from a book or movie.

And now for dreamtimeCollapse )