June 10th, 2007

cap, captain miss america


Ugh, so the train trip that should have been 6 hours back from Richmond was nine hours. Ugh. Hate.

I am completely achey and all bent into bad shapes now. But I'll get over it.

The wedding itself was loads of fun, though. I drank very weak whiskey sours, and karaoked like a madwoman with my cousin Andrew, and got to see all my awesome cousins and shit. And Erin's dress which she designed herself was freaking amazing.

Also, I got to go to Waffle House. We have no Waffle House in New York, which is very sad.

The plus side is that I did get to do a bunch of art from the art meme in this post. Y'all're still welcome to request things, but the longer it gets, the less likely you are going to get something, just because I get a) bored and b) flakey.

The first of these is not technically part of the meme, but ninepointfivemm wanted:
Collapse )

Then,batchix asked, so I drew her:
Something that has probably happened in Collapse )

Forliret I drew:
Beatrice & Collapse )

Forkiwi_magic I drew:
A scene from The Dark is Rising by Collapse )

More on their way! As soon as I have the legs for kiz's art worked out!