June 13th, 2007

cap, captain miss america

Random nonsense

::points to icon:: phuck made all the Prefects at hogwarts_elite our own super pretty icons. Mine are all roar-y. If you are on my list and not a member already, I highly recommend joining before the new book comes out, which means joining before the 17th, which is soon! Hahaha, I think pikacharma did this last night, but hey.

Anyway, I went to Staples today and bought a wireless router! It was on sale for cheap! So, hopefully, as of tonight, I WILL BE ABLE TO GO ONLINE IN MY BEDROOM AND MAKE THE MOST OF MY AMAZING SQUISHY WARM BED. I also got bookends, because until I get proper bookshelves, something must be done. The bookshelf piece is probably my biggest concern with the new place right now-- I'm not entirely sure where I'll be able to fit them once I get some. It's going to be a challenge, for sure. Bedroom? I think they'll have to be in the bedroom, that's the only thing I can think. And go up to the ceiling.

Mmmm what else? Other things to say? I think yes! My father is coming to stay at the new place tonight, will be interesting! If I get the wireless up, I may not even have to sacrifice my bedroom to him!

I wrote a huge chunk of something that rainy_day and I have been working on. That was awesome.

liret and I are going on a super special field trip this weekend with my mom. Am excited. Am also deliberately being obtuse. Other than super special and field trip.

Oh, and also: This is my new favorite drink. I like the mint one best. Finally there is a proper decent thing to drink that is not entirely sugar. I heart it so much.

Finally, you will see what it is like when I have the world's most mundane Collapse )