June 17th, 2007

brain, psyduck


Guys, liret is in serious trouble. She has fallen prey to the madman responsible for PromicinTerror.com, a crackpot hellbent on forcing us to believe that Promicin is a threat and not the greatest gift available to us in the new world order that Jordan Collier and The 4400 Center are promoting.

Please help her take our new messiah and his wonderful, true view of a new and better tomorrow back into her heart so that she can understand the true potential within her!

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Also, I went to the movies today. I saw Mr. Brooks. It was a fairly good movie-- I really liked the interplay between Kevin Costner and William Hurt. I also really, really liked the whole concept of serial killing as an addiction and how they handled that. I love movies/tv shows that make serial killers into sympathetic characters.

Anyway, at the theater today? These two guys practically got into a fistfight over one of them leaning his feet on the other one's seat. I got to see one of them get escorted from the theater and they gave us all free passes for the disturbance. It was kind of freaky but I was very happy about the free passes.