June 28th, 2007

cap, captain miss america

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Augh! I thought i posted this earlier! **Shakes fist at LJ**

Okay! So:

1) Thank you to ninepointfivemm for the new icon <3

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3) On the subject of Transformers: I didn't buy the tickets yet-- because they added a HUGE number of extra shows at the Regal in TSq. Would anyone be unable to attend if we do a 9 or 9:40 show instead of 10:20 on 34th St? I know some of you can't do 8, but I would prefer to do slightly earlier to be able to get up for Coney Island and such. We can meet for dinner at 7-7:30 or so and head over & anyone who can't make dinner can meet us there?

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All right, and this will be the last post I make for a while with updatey-planny stuff!