June 29th, 2007

goonies, die




There is a long and involved story about this sofa. It is about how I have a meeting at noon and they told me that there was no time besides noon when they could deliver the sofa, which sent me into a mad scramble to find someone to stay at my apartment for an hour while the sofa got delivered.

Then the sofa showed up at 9:15, after I had begged off work and told them I would be in at 11:45. Ha. And had to call my father to tell him I didn't need him!

Also, in other news! Transformers tickets are bought! $12 each, 9:40 pm, July 3! It's at the Regal in TSq, which is the one on the north side of the street. I have eight of them: Me, Rosie, Anna, Hannah, Kate, Jess, Destiny, Vedette.

Dinner first? YES! We can pick a place closer to then. Wear 80s clothes if possible! I have loads of tacky makeup so I can help on that front.

More later, but I have meeting now! w00t!