July 14th, 2007

cap, captain miss america

Things and stuff

Need to get ready for wedding! I went out and bought the shoes I have been lusting after all summer, because...I've been lusting over them all summer. I figure if it's been three months, I should buy them. And they were $5 cheaper than they would have been earlier.

I bought Jo a heart-shaped Bundt pan and a wedding card that SERIOUSLY CAME SAYING "Smoosh Cake! Be Happy!" Which was awesome because wedding cards are usually so horrid.


My work is printing out 500 Prefect badges to hand out at DH, as well as promotional postcards with Prefect badges on them. I don't know how many I'll be able to keep but does anyone want me to try to save one for them?

Finally, Anyone who wants to go in canon Ravenclaw colors to the release parties: American Apparel has a shitload of blue-and-bronze striped stuff when I was in there today-- tee shirts, tank tops, and cardigans. I know they're hard to find, so I figured I would let you guys know!