August 7th, 2007

cap, captain miss america

They say it's your birthday...


Awesome awesome day. I started out waking up to birthday greetings like crazy, including this little dude from nadav:

(who is amazing, by the way).

Then I went out to lunch with Phil, Amanda, Jay, and Noah, and then came back to MOAR BIRTHDAY GREETINGS and what appears to be a Guinness with a straw in it in my lj userinfo from pikacharma, which came with the following greeting:

"Happy birthday to you
From the Death Eater crew
Let's slowroast some mudbloods
And cast Crucio too"

Plus the cupcake kitten from liret, the BIRTHDAY SONG from quizzicalsphinx and a pirate skull on my facebook from twowishesleft. Y'all's're awesome, guys.

Then my mom came to work and brought:

GUINNESS-FREAKING CUPCAKES (to continue the trend...obviously people know me too well) with coconut and raspberry. Oh god yes.

Going out to Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant, not the neighborhood, I already live in the neighborhood!) for dinner with my parents and liret.

Awesomely awesome, guys. Thanks everybody.