October 3rd, 2007


So, yeah.

thaliontholwen asked me to describe six of my interests. If you want to play this meme, leave a comment and I will pick six of your interests to describe. It will be fun.

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I'm unemployed for real.

I'm less bummed than I was on Friday, I'm just having trouble sleeping. I am not really sure what to do next except that I need to clean my apartment and for once I might actually manage to do it and keep it clean. Srsly. If I stay up any longer I might go on a cleaning bender right now. This may be how I spend tomorrow.

I have finished more of the iconzes but I want to wait and post a bunch at once.

Dave bought me mac and cheese. It was seriously some of the best mac and cheese.

My belly is getting paunchy. This has never happened to be before. Perhaps I am preparing to be thirty? I need to figure out what to do about this. It may involve cutting the soda back out of my diet and eating more green vegetables. And not frying quite so much bacon.

I had a dream last night about two-legged goats that were descended from My Little Ponies. There was also something in it where these three people took a train to some town in the middle of nowhere and once they got there they got told that the return trip would be $900 per person, wtf.

I need work.

I need to sleep.

I need to make my lj post more coherent, I feel like I'm floating from topic to topic right now.

I like berries.

There are a lot of things I want to discuss in livejournal. Some of them I can't quite bring to discuss. Some of them I feel petty or self-serving or attention-deprived to post about. Some of them are questions I don't know the answer to. I need to make goals for myself, whether or not I'm working. These goals may or may not involve wontons. And no, I'm not saying that because I'm delirious. They really may involve wontons.

We had nostalgia!chat tonight. It made me really happy. Between seori, sorcerorsock and all the people in the chat, this night was a lot better than it could be.

No House spoilers, but I loved old!guy, didn't you? I know you did. And Kumar. Kal Penn is essentially playing Kumar.

That is all for now. Many thoughts.

I meant to go to bed an hour and a half ago! Good night!