October 8th, 2007


6 more interests, plus!

So rather than asking me to name six of her interests (because she is a scaredy-puss), quizzicalsphinx named six of MINE.

Collapse ) And again, if anyone wants more interests to do, let me know and I will name six of yours.

So I went to Delaware for my mom's birthday this weekend. I did loads of shopping and got new shoes and bras and jeans. And more new clothes from my grandma's store. I had a pretty awesome time, great food, and got to hear my grandmother talk about how she doesn't mind gay people and some of them are very nice...again. And some comments about fat people, too.

Also, more things to tell you guys will be incoming once I gt my camera cable. I has been a bad journaler lately.

Finally, on the train coming to my parents, I overhear the following snatches of conversation:

Collapse )

That's all for now! More tomorrow if I remember to post!