February 11th, 2008

audrey, palms

I am leet!


Also, I got one of these drawing blogs. I am not sure I'm crazy about it, but playing with it is giving me ideas about how to improve it. I've just done a couple self-portraits. You can't friend people on it, which kind of sucks.

That brings up a couple of the things I want to talk about today!

1) I want to draw more. I think the drawing blog is a good start, but I want to challenge myself to draw every day. Even if it is just a sketch. twowishesleft suggested this as a new year's resolution for me, and I feel like the only way I will ever improve is to draw daily.

Today, I drew three pictures in the drawing blog. I feel this is a good start.

2) I would like a tablet. I have not had a tablet since college, and I really feel like it would not necessarily improve my art, but make me draw more if I had one. And experiment with more styles. The people on my flist who have tablets: would people mind throwing out recommendations? Does anyone have a tablet PC? How do you like those? Some of them are so inexpensive that I'm almost thinking it would be more worthwhile to get the tablet PC than to get a tablet.

3) Yesterday, I got to meet ninepointfivemm and flameth and another one of their friends! We went to the museum along with cacophonesque, got pizza at Patsy's, and went to H&M which is full of Chuck's clothing from Pushing Daisies, before I had to run to have dinner with my parents. Which was also good! But I sort of felt bad that I had to run away.

4) Also in the spirit of drawing more, kikithepirate did a meme thing that involved her asking people to ask questions that she would answer in video form. I would like to ask you all to ask me questions that I will answer in drawing form. Yes? Yes.

5) Work is exciting and hard!

6) I think that is all I have to say right now. Let me leave off with more automatic writing. I like the automatic writing, it is excellent for meditation purposes.

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7) Oh wait! It's not. Also on the drawing front, I am looking for resources to improve my skills with perspective and with drapery. I really like good drawing books or exercises if you think there are exercises that helped any of you!