April 3rd, 2008

cap, captain miss america

Lickness Villaneda

Today, I got spam mail from Lickness Villaneda.

Apart from trying to sell me 'brand new sexual sensattions,' Lickness tells me:

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Which...sounds kinda spooky, actually. I'm sort of tempted to illustrate it.

ANYWAY, I love my job. Today I interviewed WillyMJ, who draws Eekeemoo, and the fabulous erikamoen, with whom I just wanted to keep chit-chatting :-P Hi, Erika! Everyone is so awesomely awesome.

Also, TV studios? Stop being all "NEW SHOWS IN APRIL" and then not showing the shows I WANT TO SEE NEW OF. YOU ALL SUCK.

I kind of dropped the ball on drawing every day. I will try to be better. I did, however, send mail to much_reality and rattsu.

ETA HOLY SHIT. No sooner do I post this, then I get more communication from the intrepid Fisherman Garden.

I swear I am going to name my children after spammails.

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