May 5th, 2008

cap, captain miss america

Massively Updating

So, you guys have probably noticed the lack of posts, and art, and everything like that over the past week.

This is because I got a new Mac! mel06 ordered it for me, and it came on Monday, and it is very exciting! I've been having lots of fun noodling around with it, but I don't have any art software yet, which...kinda sucks? It's a little hard to get stuff done when I have to go back to the old computer all the time!

Anyway, on Friday, I got a package from Mere!

Watch the video to see the package with special surprise ending AND meet my parents! Yes, they make an appearance one time only! (for now).

Also, I've been playing on Gaia a bit. quizzicalsphinx has been being my sugar mama and gave me lots of gold, which makes it way more fun than it is when you start from scratch. My poor avatar, though. He really needed to belong to someone with better taste:

A bunch of hogwarts_elite people started messing around on Gaia this week too, so. Awesome!

I think that's all for now, I just wanted to say hello, and yes, I am alive and watching Die Hard with my dad.

<3 you all!