June 21st, 2008

cap, captain miss america

Long-awaited updating

So, I've been a bit negligent in telling people what is going on. Mostly because I am like, oh, I will update when I have a picture or movie or something to post, and then I never get around to it.

So, things to tell you about:

I need to start keeping track of what I put in cocktails. Today I made what was essentially an alcoholic version of the Thai Basil Lemonade they serve at Republic.

Here's the recipe to make two drinks:

1 Tb sugar
4 sprigs fresh basil
1 pinch chili
Juice from 1/4 lemon

Muddle the above in the bottom of a shaker. Add ice.

2 oz limoncello or limoncino
2 ox Tanqueray Rangpur (or another gin)

Shake well, pour over ice to fill glass halfway. Top with seltzer or club soda.

That's what I made today, and it was delicious. Very light and frothy.

In other news, atomicfiction stayed with me for the past few days and we went to see REM live on Thursday night. Which was awesome. I recorded a bunch of songs, but I can't figure out how to get them off my phone. Poo. Michael Stipe was adorable and telling everyone to vote for Obama and how hopeful he feels about the state of the world, and also, I passed Susan Sarandon on the way to buy snacks! Felix and I were wondering if REM even has any conservative fans to alienate, after every single song is preceded by "This song is about how BUSH IS A PATHETIC FAILURE."

Also, I am turning thirty in a month and a half. In order to celebrate, I am having a little over a half-dozen of my best friends from all around the country and the world come to New York. I would have invited more of you, but considerations like 'how many people can we fit in the car?' and 'how many people can sleep in the barn?' had to be made. Most of them have made their travel arrangements, and I AM SUPER STOKED.

In keeping with that, on Thursday, August 7 (my real birthday), if any of you are in the NYC area and would like to have a birthday drink with me, or buy me a birthday drink, please watch this space and I will be letting people know what is going on. Friday morning/afternoon, possibly Sunday evening, and all day Monday, there will also be revels and anyone interested in joining in is welcome to come hang, but I am out of space to sleep people.


Let me repeat: I LOVE MY FRIENDS.