August 17th, 2008

cap, captain miss america


cacophonesque and I went out tonight to see shinyredtype, AKA Lemony Kickit and the Bronx Gridlock KICK THE QUEENS OF PAIN'S ASSES.


I totally thought I would be home by a reasonable hour, but we went out to the after party and then to Odessa and got many potato and bacon type foods.

We both played bingo! but neither of us won. Neither did we win the gift package full of bacon salt, which disappointed me. I would have liked some bacon salt.

And I totally got in at 3:55 am. I think the last time I got home this late was last year for Harry Potter. But it necessitated a memorial post!

(shinyredtype is in the fedora.)


I kinda want to become a derby cheerleader now.
cap, captain miss america

Old Crap For Giveaway

Moving out, I am finding many things that are in lovely condition but that need new homes.

1) I have an old HP pavilion laptop, about 4 years old that is still in good working order as far as processors go, has Photoshop 7 loaded on it, Microsoft Office. It does, however, have no power cable of its own. You can buy an iGo charger that seems to work okay with it for about $100. It does require a bit of futzing with, so I would not recommend it as a primary computer, but if you are looking for something to take to a coffee shop now and then or bring travelling with you and not worry about beating it up, it would probably be a good computer to have. I would be willing to sell it for about $100 obo. I'll clean most of my documents off it but leave all the applications. I think it will fit into a flat rate mailer, so I could conceivably mail it out to someone for about $10 extra if you're in the US.

2) I have a 4 year old Magnavox 20 inch tube TV and a small DVD player. Obviously, I can't mail the TV, but I can mail the DVD player. Both are clean and in good working order, but I don't have connector cables for the DVD player. I would sell them separately for $25/tv or $10/dvd or $30 for both together. Neither have remotes, but you can get a nifty universal remove for cheap. You would have to be able to come pick up the TV from me.

3) I have a large quantity of size 8, 8.5, 9 shoes in varying styles. Most of them are barely worn. If you're a size 8-9 and interested in some shoes for free or cheap, let me know and I will tell you what I have.

4) I have tons and tons and tons of plastic and wire/mesh hair curlers. I would be willing to send these to people for the price of shipping.

5) I have a 2' flat hair iron and a flippin' huge almost 2" big barrel curling hair iron. Both are barely used and I doubt that is going to change. $5 each plus shipping.


My policy on books: Books cost $1 plus the price of shipping, OR you can mail me a book in return.
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Seize the Night (Got it for free, haven't read)
Libba Bray, Rebel Angels (sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, bulky hardcover, replaced with paperback)
Philippa Gregory, Earthly Joys (Not as much gay sex as advertised)
Jerry Spinelli, Wringer (kids' book, enjoyed it, just probably won't read again)
Joseph O'Connor, Star of the Sea (has been sitting unread on my shelf and should pass on to happy home)
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief (Could not get past the third page, hated the writing style)
Christopher Priest, The Prestige (Book the movie is based on. Not as good as the movie, but enjoyed it. Would recommend to people who want to learn about film adaptation)

Please just let me know here if you are interested in any of the above and I will mail stuff out later this week! If you are in NYC and want the TV, tell me that and we'll arrange a pick-up! Must be before Thursday. Or possibly Thursday night.