August 25th, 2008

cap, captain miss america


We have engaged the Sith Lords to protect opaleyes' Pullip collection while they are in Auror Department custody.

We intend to use Veritaserum on each and every one of them to discover the true nature of your associate's involvement with Lord Voldemort and his idiotic minions. We will smoke you out, come hell or high water, and all those of you who share in this villainy will taste justice. You have my word.

The Pullips, on the other hand, will be protected and either returned to their owner, should her innocence be proven, or we will transfer their guardianship to opaleyes closest known non-Death Eater relation. They will not be harmed, mistreated, or dressed as characters from 80s movies without their consent.

(note to non-H_E friends: nothing to see here, move along)