September 2nd, 2008

cap, captain miss america

And now for something completely different:

So, to cut through the seriousness of previous post.

I recently won two contests in hogwarts_elite and placed in two more. Yay!

Here's my entries.

First, and I have to say this is the most fun I've ever had entering an H_E contest, svimmelhet had a karaoke contest where you were supposed to rewrite a song and karaoke it. I...misread the rules and thought I was supposed to karaoke as a character, which brought about the following:

Grawp Just Want Bang Stick.

I really, really want to do more Grawp karaoke. Any requests? If you can supply the karaoke .mp3, even better.

Then, I have two art entries. The first one just got third place, and the second one didn't place, but hey, they are some of my first art using my tablet. So!

Collapse )

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Finally, my fics. The first one placed first-- it's a fic where the prompt was to write part of a whodunnit starring canon characters.

Collapse )

The second one didn't place, it's supposed to be a fic about a character on the other side of death.

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And finally, one about motherhood. This one placed third.

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