November 28th, 2008

cap, captain miss america

Cocktails, Schmocktails: Tangerine 75 and Persephone's Peril

Last week's cocktail didn't go up because it wasn't my own recipe-- I just made traditional buttered rum.

THIS week, though, we have two cocktails!

Tangerine 75

For 6 cocktails:
1 tangerine plus 6 tangerine slices with rind
1 bottle Champagne, Prosecco, or other sparkling white wine
1 tb sugar
6 oz gin

Remove rind from 1 tangerine, cut into pieces and put into shaker or pitcher.
Muddle with sugar, add gin
Strain equally into 6 glasses
Top with sparkling wine
Add tangerine slices for garnish

Persephone's Peril

For 5 cocktails:
1 orange
1 lemon
1 tb sugar
7.5 oz gin
7.5 oz pomegranate soda
tonic water
1 tb + 1 tsp mint

Squeeze orange juice and lemon juice into shaker or pitcher
Add sugar and mint and muddle
Add gin and soda, shake or stir
Strain equally into glasses
Top with tonic
Add mint and orange zest for garnish