January 5th, 2009

cap, captain miss america


To start, I found this comic today and felt it deserved notice:

That's from Claus Thomsen's The Dictator. It's about a week old, but hey, I think it does a good job of getting the point across. Apologies for the layout stretcheroo but I think in this case it's worth it.

A lot of what I do at work is read comics. It's giving me an opportunity to really catch up on a lot of comics that I enjoy but don't have friended on LJ. Today I also discovered this comic: My Cardboard Life. Is that not the cutest? whimcee, it actually kinda reminds me of some of the art you post; you should check it out!

I just came back from getting to meet callmecaito and her boyfriend! They were both lovely and we had a nice dinner.

I am not big on set New Year's Resolutions per se, but I like the idea of using New Year's as a goal-sticker type place. So I am trying to make myself be more constructive and do more productive things. I want to try to do something to improve myself every day that I can feel accomplished in doing. On Saturday, I downloaded over a thousand new fonts. Yesterday I read part of a book and started learning how to make fonts, and that was after going to meet liret's grandma. Today I am going to read some more of the book and clean my apartment back up-- it is suffering because of the vacation; I have not been home enough to clean. But before last week, I had managed to clean my apartment at least once a week, so I am going to do that now. If I have time, I am also going to plug in my tablet and draw a little.
cap, captain miss america

Other musings

For Christmas, my cousin, Eliza, among other things, got me a body spray called "Miso Pretty."

Aside from the obvious offensiveness, and the fact that it was made in the USA with fake Engrish on the bottle, I tried it tonight and was saddened to discover that it did, in fact, smell like peony scent and not delicious, salty, fermented soy.

It is disappointing. I thought I would be tasty. Instead, I smell like flowers.

Also, if you are at all familiar with New York City tenement houses, you will know about the anguish that is the middle of winter. Yes, it's the time of year when, to avoid lawsuits from letting old people freeze to death, the landlord has decided to pump up the heat so much that the inside temperature in my apartment is 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

I turned on the air conditioner in my bedroom to try to get it down to something in the 70s because last night it was so hot I couldn't sleep even without any covers.

I would also like to let you all in on a little secret. liret sometimes comes to visit me. That is not the secret part. Every time she comes, she inevitably leaves something behind. She has left everything from her shoes to her computer cable in the past. But most frequently she leaves clothes. Sometimes, they are very nice clothes. This time, she left a blue, long-sleeved, ribbed shirt. This is not the secret, either.

The secret is that someday, I will start wearing these clothes, because some of them are very nice clothes.

But for now, I will save them for her inevitable return, like Christ's inevitable resurrection. I mean, how much would it have sucked if Jesus had come back and Mary had been like, shit, sorry, I threw out your jalapeño boxers?

I've decided I think I am going to try to record more sort of train-of-thoughty type stuff. Sometimes I am like, ooh, that would be fun to write about, but then I think maybe no one would really want to read it. But I think I learned that it is more important to write what I would like to write about than to worry about what other people want to read about. I think it's bad when people's journals get to be things that they are writing to please the people reading them. The only thing now is remembering what I would like to say! I think that in the end, years from now, I will be happier to see these recorded thoughts than I would if I look back and only see memes or something.