January 15th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

The Greatest Fanart Ever

I finished another art piece from the hella long suggestions list.

cacophonesque suggested I draw Neville dancing with the Giant Squid.


Now your lives are all complete!

In other news, though, somewhat related, we are beginning a new term at hogwarts_elite. If you are interested in joining and participating in our awesome activities, head over to sorting_elite and fill out an application!

Also, happy birthday to kikithepirate! What lucky people we are to have you alive for another year. Good luck on the job! I hope you get it!
cap, captain miss america

Sadface sadface!

You all know how I got a new TV for Christmas, right? Well, last week was the first time I watched any significant amount of TV on it, for new Ugly Betty/Grey's/Private Practice, right? All was good! Tuesday, too, I watched AI, and all was good!

But then yesterday I turned on AI, and about ten minutes into it, my cable box freaked out. Like, seriously, freaked out. But I've had that happened before. I thought nothing of it, unplugged it, plugged it back in, and turned TV back on.

Maybe two minutes later, it happens AGAIN. I futz around a bit, change it to a different outlet-- hell, change it to a different CIRCUIT, and it's still fritzing. So around now, I call my cable company. Girl on the phone was very helpful as always, reset my cable box for me, great.

I turned on the news when I got home from work, because of the FREAKING AIRPLANE IN OUR FREAKING RIVER, and watched for like a half-hour. Then TV gets pre-empted for President Bush's farewell address, that even the newscaster seems apologetic about cutting into regular programming for. The second ol' Dubya gets on the screen?


Cable out.

And I couldn't get it on the rest of the night. How frustrating. So now I get to go to the cable service place after work tomorrow and turn in my old box for a new one. Which is swell and all, except...tomorrow is the day it's supposed to be six degrees before wind chill. I know, I know, all of you in the Midwest are probably laughing your asses off at me with your balmy negative-twenty-odd temperatures, but SIX. And most of you have probably never been inside anything like a New York City wind tunnel. In the winter, the buildings are so high and the streets are just wide enough and so straight that we get massive wind tunnels that literally pick my little 140-lb self up off the street. Crap.

But at least I don't have to schedule a technician.

I started another picture, but I am not feeling the drawing bug tonight. I am, however, feeling the bug of finally having my Wii set up! So woo!