January 17th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

I make art!

Over in the Big Ol' Art Request Post O' Doom:

skirmish_of_wit requested: "A banjo that plays itself and fronts a bluegrass band called "Creek Thunder" and has a tortured relationship with its dulcimer who is married to the fiddle. (There's a lot of drama in Creek Thunder.)"


Yeah. I have no idea.

yamiko requested a tuxedo cat in a bowler hat.


In other news, today I got a new cable box! Not only does it appear to work without turning off every ten minutes, it is HD-compatible! Which means...oh my god, the picture. I drool. I watched Night at the Museum on it tonight. Seriously, like, they make a big deal about the better picture and I'm like, meh, it's not all that OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE RED LOBSTER AD NOMNOMNOMNOM.

Tomorrow I get to meet comedychick and I am excited! I am in the city alone this weekend and it's kind of...too cold to go out to do anything? I am afraid of the outside!