January 19th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

A confession

So, guys, for those of you who are not in hogwarts_elite, I usually make posts about H_E on filters, but today I'm not because I want this to be public. I have a confession to make. In light of recent wank involving sockpuppets, I need to inform you that I have a sockpuppet in each house.

Yes. Me. A prefect.

Not only have I managed to maintain a sockpuppet in every house, but all of my sockpuppets have managed to hold important community positions at one time or another. I've entered contests as all of them, and I've faked long IM conversations between them all that I've copy-pasted to some of you for "proof" of our existence. I've even run multiple chat agents so that I could be in the same chat room at once on all four different names. I've beta-tested my own contest entries. I've hit on myself in community-wide memes. Heck, I've ever entered Yule Ball contests with myself.

To top it all off, I've even undergone lengthy cosmetic procedures photoshopped elaborate images to make you all think that I am actually four people, when in fact, I am one.


Yes, that's right. cacophonesque, liret, pikacharma, and your humble narrator, teaberryblue are all actually one person. Which explains why we are all so awesome.

hogwarts_elite, every time there is wank, I talk to so many of you, and it just ends up reminding me, in the end, of how cool most of you are-- how lucky I am to know you guys-- all ten of you pretending to be four hundred different people, that is-- and how super our community is. I have met some of my best real life and internet friends through H_E, and that is awesome and amazing. Don't stop the love, kids.