January 29th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Oh my god, so, guys.

My tarot_week community is like, completely insane. It has almost eight hundred members. Crap. So I have been spending like every waking minute from the time I get home from work moderating that. And I have been missing a lot of my flist because like all the posts are tarot posts. Sorry if I have been missing things.

Still, it is kinda cool. I have to figure out what to do with it, though. Um, if anyone on my flist likes drawing tarot cards, I have an audience for you? It is right there ::points::

In other news, I won TWO hogwarts_elite contests! One for this picture:


And one for this icon:


Wow! I win! First place in both contests. Although I realized that I kind of forgot to color in the bottom of the ice cream freezer behind the girl. The icon is totally up for grabs as long as you credit me.

In other news, I got to tour the Good Housekeeping laboratories today where they do product testing! It was AWESOME. They actually have a machine that tests vacuums for them-- it embeds the same about of dirt the same depth into the carpet every time, and then vacuums the vacuum the same number of times at the same speed. So they can compare vacuums. We also saw the thingies they use to test stains AND we got to eat one of their recipes-- a cranberry coffee cake that was delicious! That place is like the Wonka's Factory of domesticity, I am telling you!