February 1st, 2009

cap, captain miss america


So, last night I had a dream that I totally remembered when I got up and was going to share, but then I forgot it by the time I got out of the shower. Boo.

I DO remember my dream from Friday night, though, and it was pretty wacky. There was this thing going on with this satellite where it was being used by the government to spy on civilians. This was taking place in America, but it was kind of more like some dystopian proto-Handmaid's Tale America, and the government was creeping people out, but every time someone tried to out the government or protest the satellite, they would mysteriously disappear or there would be an "Accident." One of these "accidents" made national news coverage a la Waco, where a whole bunch of people were killed, including children.

So, then there were these three college-aged kids who were all comp sci majors, two girls and a guy, and I think the guy was two-timing one of the girls with the other one, or it could have just been dreamtime where my brain kept switching which of them he was involved with. And he was really, really into this whole satellite thing and trying to take down the satellite, and he convinced the two girls to help him. They were both willing but very frightened, because they knew that once they were found out, they would probably get wiped off the face of the earth.

This convinced one of the girls to finally confess her love for a long-time friend. Of course, shy person she was, she did this via email and not in person or even over the phone, so I never found out how he reacted.

The three of them actually managed to co-opt access to the government satellite by hacking into a commercial broadcasting satellite, so they wouldn't be discovered breaking into the government one. They did this using a combination of Google and cable television. I don't know, it made sense in the dream. Anyway, they got the whole thing all set up and ready, and then Shy!girl started to have second thoughts. She realized that blowing up the satellite would stop the government from spying, but it would also stop a lot of important services that ran through satellites, things dependent on GPS and satellite photos, or things that required satellite transmission. She realized that doing this would cause a massive global communication breakdown, and she went to her parents about it, in tears, and then to the cops, and they went to storm the guy's garage where this was going on, but by the time they got there, it was too late- - he had just sent the signal for the satellite to blow up.

Then I woke up!

I am not watching the superbowl tonight. Instead, I am going out to eat with [Unknown LJ tag] and shinyredtype and a few fabulous ladies I have never met! Although I have spoken to one of them on the phone. So I am super excited. Especially since we are going to Veggie Paradise which is like my favorite restaurant ever. Well, one of them. Fried taro, here I come!

I am also seventy pages into my novel that I am working on! And a little over a week ago, to think, I wasn't working on anything! Wow. Thanks, kandigurl