February 26th, 2009

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So, for those of you who've missed it, I am updating rorschachsdiary at least once a day, every day through the release of the movie.

It is spoiler-heavy for the book (not the movie, unless you are one of those weirdos who think casting decisions are a spoiler). I am having a freaking ball updating it but I wish more people were reading along!

In related news, cacophonesque, I don't remember what day you are getting back, but would you like to see the Watchmen movie next Friday night (the 6th)? Any other New Yorkers/near-New Yorkers want to come? I'll buy tickets in advance. I'm a bit sad that I can't go to opening night this time, but that is what a 9-5 jobbie job means. So Friday night! ????

My Sims2 like, completely died, so I uninstalled the most recent expansion pack. I knew I would lose all my saved games, which was no big deal, but...well, I lost all my downloads. Hours, days, weeks of downloads. I had like 5g of Sims downloads. So I have been pretty crushed, especially since the site where I get all my male hair is apparently down. Argh. Woe. If anyone has any male hairs from the SAU site, I would be most incredibly grateful if people don't mind sending them to me.

My apartment is broiling! It is so hot that last night I bought a bag of chocolate, and I left it on the floor, in a place far away from any appliances? And today when I got home, it was melted.

Work is busy and has kept me busy this week! I can't think of much else to report!