March 2nd, 2009

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Wow, so I really haven't been posting much lately.

1) My dad got a new job! This is awesome.

2) I totally got my kimono out of storage to wear to Lemony Snicket.

3) rorschachsdiary has 132 friends. I think I had my livejournal for, like, five years before I had 132 friends. WTF. He hates people. I start a fictional diary for, like the world's biggest misanthrope, and he has 132 friends.

4) I have a huge stack of clothes that I am going to go through to figure out what to wear to dianamcqueen's awesome party. I love having to come up with costumes.

5) Quote of the day:
gildedage: There needs to be a Batman movie where Batman has to face his white privilege.
teaberryblue: You mean Gran Torino?
I know, I'm quoting myself, but I thought I was funny. Mere and I had an awesome conversation about Bruce Wayne's white privilege and how he can't get over his parents' death because he's a spoiled rich kid who has to have something to be emo about, and how Robin's whole family dies and Robin is totally better-adjusted than Batman. It was awesome, you had to be there.

We had this conversation because we were talking about superhero movies and animal violence and how we kicking the doggies in Dark Knight didn't make Batman a badass, it made him an asshole.

It is super snowy today and there are lots of little snowy bunny tracks in the yard.