March 6th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Some happy birthdays and other things!

I have two lovely friends with birthdays today! So I bring kind of crappy art. No, I'm not saying it's crappy because I want you all to say it's good. I am not that kind of person. I am saying it's crappy because I dashed it off quickly and it is crappy. But it is still full of love!

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I am going to see Watchmen tomorrow night with henpecked and cacophonesque. Times Square was freaking sold out YESTERDAY so we are going on 34th Street instead, at 7:50. I am excited. Then I am going to see The Composer is Dead on Sunday afternoon with cacophonesque and shinyredtype and others! Excitedment abounds.

I am kind of sort of brain fried. The highlight of my week has really been the part where rorschachsdiary has almost as many people friended to it as I have and just keeping up with it and trying to be funny twice a day is fun and challenging. Actually, considering the number of inactive journals who have me friended, I would assume that fake!Rorschach has more people actively reading than I do. It is awesome to try to see where people found the links and all the nice complimentary things people have said about it. even drew me fan art, which I have been remiss in posting up. I am sorry!

The lowlight of the week is that I still have yet to get my Sims cleaned up enough to, oh, even start to play. Grr. That, and I'm just a bit bummy. I blame lack of sleep and too many carbs in my diet, or something.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the Rosie and the Katie and I hope you have many happy returns!