March 23rd, 2009

cap, captain miss america

I had this dream last night.

First off, happy birthday atomicfiction. I haven't forgotten-- I just haven't had time to finish your present since it was my grandma's birthday this weekend. Possibly tomorrow!


This is a real dream. I have been waiting to write it down all day-- I had a busy day at work with no break for an LJ update, and all I have been thinking about is this dream.

I'm cutting it, because it's incredibly long. Like, 4000 words long. Short version is this: The four Faywright children grew up in modern-day New England. Their parents named them after the four Pevensie children from Narnia, although slightly out of order: Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy. They grow up, living mostly-ordinary lives with parents who tell them wonderful magical stories and encourage them to read and tell stories of their own.

One day, their parents are found dead, and the four children-- now teenagers and young adults-- are called home from school. When they get there, they discover that all is not what it seems. The story was narrated, voice-over style, by Lucy, the youngest, who was fourteen. I'm going to try to replicate that here.

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And that's around when I woke up. There was a little more after that but it was anticlimactic, so here's what you're getting.