April 2nd, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Few things

1) I saw Monsters Vs Aliens last night. While it was probably just an OK movie, I have one very positive thing to say about it. It was possibly the most feminist kids' movie I've ever seen. Not only is the girl the most kickass, strongest person on her team-- and no one even feels the need to point out that she's a girl after the scene where she's introduced to her team-- but the most important moral of the story is that being yourself and achieving your own goals is more important than being in a relationship, and a lousy relationship is not worth it. So often, girls are taught that there's something wrong with being independent or living alone and that doing so is ultimately a form of failure for a woman. In this movie, the message is that you shouldn't give up your dreams for anybody and people who love you will help you achieve them, not hinder them.

So that was awesome. I was a little iffy on the lack of POC characters in it-- everyone with a speaking role but the monsters/aliens was a white human being. So they could have done better on that front.

2) Outside of work, I have been mainly eating a diet of macro vegan food plus yogurt. Not vegan yogurt. But some vegan yogurt. I am not so fond of the soy yogurt, I think, but I had coconut milk yogurt and that was amazing. I have been trying a lot of different brands and styles. So far, my favorites have been Wallaby, Rachel's, and Liberté Méditerranée. I was disappointed by Ronnybrook-- Ronnybrook is a dairy in upstate New York that makes some of my favorite dairy products, and I bought one of their yogurts today even thought it was forty cents more than the Wallaby and 70 cents more than the Méditerranée, which was on sale. While the flavor was very nice, the texture was soupy. I felt like it might have been better over granola. Man, can someone be a yogurt nerd? Because I think I am turning into one. Méditerranée by far has the best, creamiest texture I have ever seen in a yogurt-- it is more like a very soft cheese. Wallaby makes a maple and a dulce de leche that are to die for, and Rachel's makes some very unique flavors like chai and honey lavender.

3) At work, today was asparagus day. Get that. Asparagus day. In our cafeteria, I mean, not the office. This meant that they had six different dishes available at the buffet, and ALL of them had asparagus. There was plain steamed asparagus with mushrooms, an asparagus frittata thing, orzo with asparagus and tomatoes, and three different asparagus salads-- one with scallops and spinach, one with fennel, and one with white asparagus and prosciutto. The sad thing was that the fennel one was by far the best, but it looked the least interesting, so I took the least of it. Oh well. But yeah. That was my cafeteria.

4) In case anyone was really confused, my post the other night was an April Fools' joke.