April 20th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Princesses and Queens

quizzicalsphinx and I had a really awesome conversation last night that ranged through the following topics:

--The last Imperial Family of Russia
--A Little Princess
--The 'Alien' movies
--Movies about aliens
--Alice in Wonderland
--Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Deirdre of the Sorrows
--The Films of David Cronenberg
--Alien/divine pregnancy
--The Nativity

You can kind of see how this conversation might have progressed from Point A to Point B. It was incredibly awesome. You know how sometimes a conversation will just break beyond the norms of what you might normally speak about? This was one of those. So I wanted to open it up here to more people.

Please vote in the poll:

Given the choice, I would rather be a:


And now, please answer why.

I realize this is a bit gender-specific. If you are a guy, please answer what you think you would prefer if you were a girl, because people don't necessarily think of princes and kings the same way they think of princesses and queens.