June 13th, 2009

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Happy Graduation!

Mere is graduating from college this weekend!

Now, there is a story here. I have two longtime internet friends who are both named Mere and both from Washington. One Mere came to New York this week and the two of us went to Carnegie Deli on Thursday night and gorged ourselves on giant meat sandwiches. But before dinner, we went to Kate’s Paperie because I thought Mere would like looking at all the fancy shmancy papers and it was kind of damp out so it was nice to have a dry place to walk around.

While we were in Kate’s, I saw a card that had a little horse and rider woodcut on it, and it said VICTORY in big letters. We talked about how it was a great graduation card– and then I realized that it would be a PERFECT card for the OTHER Mere, the one who was not in New York! Because that Mere loves horsies. (Edit to add: Here is a link to the card that I saw!)

So I went home and I told Mere about the card. And she said it WAS the perfect card for her. Only it would be more perfect if it had Clint Eastwood, a springer spaniel, and Washington Irving and John Adams making out on the front of it.


Happy Graduation!  Click for a big computer wallpaper version!

Happy Graduation! Click for a big computer wallpaper version!

I am excited for you to be in New York next year!

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