June 15th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

I Dream of Batman

Dream post time!

I had this dream Saturday night/Sunday morning and it took me a day to process it and remember enough bits and pieces to post it.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that even with all the many many variants of Batman stories, this has never actually been one, which is kind of weird, because it seems like a pretty obvious alternate universe. If anyone knows of one that is like this, let me know.

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cap, captain miss america

The Yogurt Diaries #7

Next up on the roster of popular brand name yogurts is La Yogurt “Rich & Creamy” Vanilla. Again, my mom bought this one because my grocery store didn’t have any of these brands in the regular not-non-fat versions, so I don’t have a price. I will check at my own grocery store the next time I am in there!

La Yogurt Rich & Creamy Vanilla

La Yogurt Rich & Creamy Vanilla

So La Yogurt, I have a story about. This is the yogurt I ate in middle school, after my mom stopped making everything in our house from scratch. I ate it in key lime flavor almost every day for lunch.

And now I know why I was such a chubby preteen :-P This stuff has a whopping 31 grams of sugar! Apart from that, it has pretty much the same ingredients as Yoplait, although in different quantities. There is less starch in this one, but there is also sugar AND corn syrup. Crap! It has a pretty long list of crap in it.

And, like Yoplait, it has all that creamy goo on the foil. I am beginning to wonder about this rule of yogurts. (Actually, since I drafted this post, Beth has filled me in on the whys and hows of yogurt on the top of the container, so now I know!)

La Yogurt Rich and Creamy Vanilla Opened

La Yogurt Rich and Creamy Vanilla Opened

This one has a very similar puddingy texture to Yoplait, but I actually find the flavor more pleasant. It is still much too sweet, but the La Yogurt tastes more like an actual dairy product– you can taste the slight sourness of the yogurt cultures which you can’t taste at all in the Yoplait. It also has a sort of lemony flavor, even in the Vanilla flavor, which I think is kind of pleasant. It didn’t taste quite as artificial as the Yoplait, either. Or if it did, the lemony flavor masked that.

I think if I were on a desert island and they told me I had to eat Yoplait or La Yogurt, I would go with the La Yogurt. It is still more sweet than I like my yogurts and I feel like I am eating a dessert, but at least with this one, I don’t feel like I am not eating a yogurt. It is just a very sweet yogurt. I still prefer some of the other brands I have tried– namely Dannon and True– to this, but if you like desserty yogurt and are normally a Yoplait fan, I would give this one a try!

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