July 20th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

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I am chugging along getting this working properly and understanding the technical underpinnings that make this woek!

Here is what I have decided on.

Roleplaying Content:

Content will be subdivided in three different ways:

By who they're for--

Parents & Teachers

By what they're about:

Chance & Decision-Making

By what structure they take:

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In addition to this, there will also be a:

Player Directory
Game Directory

Both searchable by style & genre

Application for hosted game

For anyone who wants one. If you can commit to blogging regularly, I can make your blog a featured blog. If not, I'll also just have a "latest from blogs" section.

koshkabegemot, do you have any idea what you would like your blog to be called? Think about it!
cap, captain miss america

The Yogurt Diaries, #15

I got two more vegan yogurts today!

The first is Silk Live! Soy Yogurt, made by the same people who make Silk soy milks. It’s a vanilla yogurt and costs $1.09, which is pretty cheap for yogurt, let alone vegan yogurt!

Silk Live! Vanilla

Silk Live! Vanilla

Silk has 150 calories, so its calorie value is about the same as many dairy yogurts. And the fat content is 25 calories of that, which is fairly low, but not super low. It has eighteen grams of sugar, which is moderate. So, if you are looking at vegan yogurts as a weight loss option, this one probably doesn’t cut it. However, it has no corn syrup and is all natural, so that is a plus!

Silk Live! Vanilla Opened

Silk Live! Vanilla Opened

Opening it up, it has a browner color than most vanilla yogurts, and a very globby consistency– just like pudding! I sweat, this looks like opening a container of vanilla pudding.

The texture is almost exactly like pudding, which is wonderful, but I hate to say it– in spite of it being all-natural flavors, this is one of the most “fake” tasting yogurts I have tried. It tastes as fake as the Yoplait, at least, and actually has a weird sort of applesaucey flavor. You can’t really taste any of the naturally nutty flavor of the soy. I think the WholeSoy still wins for best of the soy yogurts. I couldn’t even eat more that a few bites of this one.

The other is Ricera, a rice(!) yogurt. It’s a bit more expensive, at $1.79 and is also vanilla flavor.

Ricera Vanilla

Ricera Vanilla

It has 180 calories, which is pretty high, but only 10 of those are from fat. The sugar content is 20g, which is verring up into that high-ish range. There is no high fructose corn syrup in it!

Ricera Vanilla Opened

Ricera Vanilla Opened

Upon opening, the yogurt looks soupy. Like, super liquidy and gloppy, an has that same slightly-brownish color as the soy yogurt. It has a more pleasant flavor than the Silk yogurt for sure, but it is almost entirely sweet with no sourness at all, although you can definitely taste the rice flavor in it. It does not taste very much like vanilla. It also has a texture where you can tell that it’s made with rice– there are little mushy bits in it and it is a bit gluey– it sticks to the roof of my mouth.

I don’t think it’s unpleasant, but it was also a little too sweet for me by itself– I think it might be better with cereal or in cooking if you need to replace yogurt in a recipe with a dairy-free ingredient. I think the WholeSoy is still the definite winner for vegan yogurts!

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