October 8th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Art Class Plus help me raise money!

Argh, so…I apologize to all of you who have gotten mega crazy blanks updates but ComicPress is so not working the way I expect it to. Instead, have my classwork in all its glory in a single post.

To start, though, I am posting the LAST picture I did because it has a special thingy attached to it!

So, yes! This is the deal. If you can’t give me $10 but can give me a buck or two, talk to me and I will make you something else!

The rest of this class’ artworks is under the cut.

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cap, captain miss america

LJ Idol?

So I am waffling on this, because I am by nature an anti-competitive person but I like the idea of a huge group writing challenge that I can take part in and read other people's stuff and maybe be challenged to blog outside my comfort zone.

kandigurl showed this to me a few days ago and now alephz is signing up. So I guess I am in!

Here is where you sign up, too.

It would be awesome if some more of my friends did it, too!