October 20th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Signal Boosting

Via karnythia,

I don't know these folks, but popelizbet is running an auction at save_dave to help save her friend's house. They are trying to raise $7k to avoid foreclosure. This isn't just somebody's house, though, but somebody who has let lots of people use his property for parties and camping and clearly given to a lot of people. And when people are so generous I feel like it is the least I can do to give them something back, even if their generosity wasn't directed at me.

I went over there and offered art for auction. If anybody else can give stuff, go do it! I think internet stuff that doesn't cost you anything but your time is totally acceptable. Otherwise, I will let folks know when the auction starts in case anyone wants to bid.
cap, captain miss america

Men Invade Space

This happens a lot, but most specifically it happened to me on the train last Friday whilst going up to see my parents. It was especially annoying because this guy sat down next to me in one of those “family” seats where they are facing both ways, so I moved across and opposite from him so that we would both have legroom AND armroom– and he proceeded to lounge over the entire three seats of the now-free row he had, effectively cutting off my ability to stretch my legs. Collapse )


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