October 22nd, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Round up of things!

1) Tomorrow is the last day that I can take money for my job's United Way drive. I am donating my money to a special fund at the United Way that is specifically geared toward assisting women and children.

As before, if you give me money to donate through my work drive, Hearst will match it!

Also, if you donate $10 or more, I will make and mail you a cute little art card!

2) Another good cause:

I have two auctions on save_dave.
One is for a a drawing. It is at $26.
The other is for a hat. It is at $25.

Also, on the hat front: does anyone who DID NOT receive a hat last year want one? If so, plz reply with colors. karnythia, I will probably make yours this weekend or next and alephz and rattsu, I have hats for you from last year, only they got returned because your Swedish mail carriers apparently do not like humorously addressed packages. So I will send them back out right soon. But anyone else, It is time for me to dig out my crochet hooks and go for broke.

3) I am going to post some recommended LJ Idol reading later! But I think maybe I will do that tomorrow.