November 11th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

LJ Idol, Topic 4: Moments of Devastating Beauty

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Note on Process:
This comic was drawn freehand with India ink, a paintbrush, and a metal nib dip pen on heavyweight drawing paper.

I have only drawn with a nib pen twice before. A metal nib is stiff, stubborn. It creates a variable line width, which can add to the organic feel of a drawing, but it also blots, spatters, deposits clumps and blotches. It can't be erased. The rules I set for myself were these:
--No reference images.
--No pencil guides.
--Leave everything as it is. If the ink spatters, it stays. Clumps stay. All mistakes stay on the paper.

The nature of this kind of art is both permanent and ephemeral. In a single moment, a perfect line can be marred with a splatter, a smudge, a miscalculation or a twitch of the hand. Each incongruity is a tiny tragedy but also a remembrance of the humanity behind the line.

This post is for therealljidol topic 4, Devastating Beauty.

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Please feel free to read and comment whether or not you are in the competition.

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