December 10th, 2009

cap, captain miss america

Holiday Joy!

Okay, first off, thank you to:

rejeneration, furiosity, hxcpunkchick, pierelle, mel06, sileri, bumblefucked, strix_an_stones, and heidi8 for the lover gift of seven snowflake cookies, one pile of snowflakes, and a Ctulhuclaus in a pear tree!

I sent snowflakes to every friend who did not have virtual gifts blocked.

On to the next: I am designing my holiday cards this weekend, so if you want one, Go fill out this screened post.

Now, part three.

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What do you want for your winter holiday of choice? Is there something you want from me in particular? Art request? Comic request? Icon request?

If you have a wishlist in your LJ, why not link it here? I will take a look at it. If other people post their wishlists here, please take the time to browse them and see if there is anything you can give.