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Vote for Jess!
cap, captain miss america
liret is my bestest friend!

She also needs votes to stay in therealljidol. She wrote a really good entry this week and does not deserve to go out on this one! Her entry about New Orleans is here.

I encourage you all to vote for her! You can vote right here in my journal. Voting needs to happen before 8 pm EST tonight!

poll behind the cut!Collapse )

Comic: The Best Ornament Ever
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

Happy birthday, quizzicalsphinx
cap, captain miss america
It is quizzicalsphinx's birthday!

Here is something for you to enjoy when you get home from work! <3 I hope you have a bright and shiny day!

We are heading out for Delaware shortly! It has been so cray today I have barely had a moment to sit down and when I was it was because I was doing work things!

Love to everyone!