January 6th, 2010

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Check out Dustin!

Dustin, our new comic by Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker, launched Monday in newspapers! I know a few of you have heard me talk about it.

Dustin is about Dustin Kudlick, a 23-year-old college graduate who moves home after college when he can’t find a job. His parents are both ultra-overachievers: his dad is a powerful attorney and his mom is a popular radio personality. His kid sister, Megan, is a supergenius who wants to go to Harvard. Simone, the head of Dustin’s temp agency is a businesswoman who built her company singlehandedly from the ground up. Dustin is surrounded by people who are ambitious go-getters, but he sort of likes sitting at home watching cartoons in between attempts to launch totally unrealistic careers.

We just got it up online as well so you can read the first three strips here:

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