January 25th, 2010

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LJ Idol Recommendation Post

The poll for this week's round of LJ Idol closes at 9 EST tonight, and I haven't done a round-up of my favorite posts yet.

The theme this week was "Run, don't walk." It is a nice observation to note that I feel like at this point in the competition, most of the "dead wood" has been shorn away (although quite a few good entrants have left as well), and I would say a good 90% of the posts were at least interesting in some way, even if they didn't appeal to me. I really enjoyed reading this week, and I felt like some of this week's entries were people's strongest overall.

I have few recommendations for entries you may want to read. I'm sticking to talking about entries by people who weren't my lj friends before LJ Idol-- it seems like a good way to narrow it down.

I'm going to start with two that are close to the bottom of the polls and really don't deserve to be.

The first is fourzoas' post about what it means to be a leader. I really liked a lot of the personal observations fourzoas made in this post; I felt like it was very relatable and a solidly structured piece of writing. Read it here

The second is unlikekudzu's post about being polite to strangers. It is a simple sentiment and a short piece but there are some lovely language choices while still sticking to a very colloquial voice. Read it here

I don't think either of these entrants deserve to go home this week, and unlike the last time I pimped someone's post because I wanted to see them stick around in the competition, I have no personal ties to either of these entrants.

My other favorites of the week:

beautyofgrey wrote a lovely series on vignettes on the theme of motherhood. Read it here

kenakeri wrote a modern-day retelling of the classic selkie legend. Read it here

oberonia wrote a touching story about a young girl learning to push her limits. Read it here

oneonthefence retold a memory from her childhood that was both chilling and poignant. Read it here

tamaraland recalled a memory as well-- hers of a tiny bit of calm in a sea of devastation. Read it here

My entry is here if you missed it!

Links to all the entries, plus the poll to vote for the ones you like, is behind the cut!

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After this past week's discussion of concrit, and since it's the first week in a while that I managed to read every entry, I would like to open up the floor to requests. I can't promise I will get to everything, but if anyone wants to know what I thought of your piece, go for it.