February 3rd, 2010

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LJ Idol round up!

Hi, all!

LJ Idol voting ends at 8 PM tonight. This week, we were partners, so cacophonesque and I are teamed together.

You all already know that Destiny is one of my favorite people, but if you didn't know she's an amazing writer as well, you should!

Here is my entry.
Here is Destiny's.

They are both about religion, friendship, and water.

There were a TON of entries this week that I loved. I felt like in a lot of cases, working with a partner seemed to challenge people outside of their comfort zone. In some entries, I felt like people's writing was awkward and forced out of the attempt, but in many cases, it really seemed to inspire people to better entries. I'm having trouble picking a short selection, so I think I'm going for people I didn't pick last week. Most of these are with their partners but in a couple cases I just thought the single entries were so stand-out, I just went for them.

cheshire23 wrote what I feel is her strongest piece this week! It is a personal memoir about best friendship and young love. So much of it just really hit for me, I loved it.

sdaisyk and java_fiend were partnered together and did an amazing job. sdaisyk wrote an insider's view about how girls are expected to stay "pure", while java_fiend wrote an outsider's rant on the perversity of the Christian Right.

On a similar topic, callistahogan wrote about being the only Conservative on LJ.

lawchicky and joeymichaels recommended topics to each other. Here is lawchicky's. Here is joeymichaels's. They also have a post here about how they came up with the ideas.

Please consider voting for me and Destiny, and for the other folks mentioned here! And as last time, if anyone wants concrit, please let me know!

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