March 12th, 2010

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Cocktails & Auction!

Hey, folks!  Just fyi, I got a HUGE stash of Betty Boop and Popeye stuff from work to auction off for [info]con_or_bust, so there are three goodie boxes up HERE   They are starting at $15 apiece and they all seriously have more than $50 worth of merchandise in them. One of them is up to $20, the other two have no bids.

And now onto the cocktails:


This one needs a name. Any suggestions?

Ingredients for 2 cocktails
1/2 a grapefruit
6 oz Miller’s Gin
1/2 a lemon
1/2 oz Chardonnay (I used 7 Heavenly Chards)
2 dashes lemon oil

Chill 2 martini glasses
Reserve 2 half-moon slices of grapefruit.
Squeeze grapefruit and lemon.
Add juice and gin to shaker, shake
Remove ice from glasses, coat with chardonnay, then discard remaining chardonnay
Pour contents of shaker into glasses
Add grapefruit
Drizzle top of drink with lemon oil

This one is a light and refreshing citrus drink. I’ve never mixed Miller’s before and it has a great, classic London Dry style flavor with nice, herbal botanicals. I am really liking the way salad oils dress up a cocktail and can add a dimension to the flavor– this is the third one I’ve done with an oil.



Ingredients for 2 cocktails
4 oz bourbon (I used Maker’s Mark)
2 oz single malt scotch (I used Aberlour a’bunadh)
2 oz raw maple sap
2 tsps brown sugar
4 droppersful Urban Moonshine Maple Bitters

Chill 2 martini glasses
Add everything to shaker

We tapped our maple trees last weekend, so I had to make something with the sap. Some people might think I’m heretical for mixing scotch and bourbon, but I liked it; the smokier flavor of the scotch cuts the sweetness of the bourbon nicely. This drink tastes like fall!

In other news, I am now officially a sales-tax-collecting entity in the State of New York! I needed to register as a business to sell hats at MoCCA (periodicals don’t collect sales tax but hats do!) and that is all taken care of.

In other other news, I am behind on pretty much everything but oh well! Lots to do this weekend! Folks, remember, I need items for the raffle by the first week in April.

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cap, captain miss america

LJ Idol Week 17 Recs

First off, I think it is awesome that some of my non-Idol friends are actually reading and commenting on my fellow contestants' posts. That is amazing of you and there is some really good and interesting writing going on.

This week's topic was "The Caged Bird." Here are a few of the entries that I would recommend.

cacophonesque wrote about the coolest outhouse ever.

diagenou wrote about a literal caged bird.

kittenboo wrote a personal tale of motherly affection and what it means.

phoenixejc wrote a continuation of a ghost story that stands alone of its own merits.

rattsu wrote about a real-life ghost town.

roina_arwen wrote about life with diabetes.

tamaraland wrote about a bird as a witness to abuse.

And I wrote a story about a bird and a girl.

You can read all the entries, vote for me and for other folks in the poll below the cut! I am doing very well so I am not too worried for me, but voting is very close this week and some of my favorite people are in a tight race. I'm sure anyone would appreciate a few tickies. Voting is due at 3 pm EST Saturday!

Also, any Idol contestant who wants concrit, please feel free to ask!

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