April 24th, 2010

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LJ Idol Recs, Week 23

Wow, so LJ Idol! It is getting super tight. There are 37 of us left, and it seems like every week the race gets tighter to stay in.

I would like to draw your attention to some posts I really liked this week. The theme was "Underdog"

alephz wrote about the Woman Who Beat The House

emo_snal wrote about the Dog Who Became A Whale

furzicle wrote about the Smallest Kid on the Team

gratefuladdict wrote about Her Personal Bookie

java_fiend wrote about The Memwars of George W. Bush

pixiebelle wrote about Urban Development

We are at the point though where the competition is down to less people than I used to vote for in a week! So it's kind of crazy and a lot of the writing is very good. I encourage everybody to start taking a look around and reading some of the awesome stuff if you haven't yet.

I wrote about Princess Jacinta

You can peek under the cut to read more entries and to vote for your favorites (of which I hope I am one!) Poll closes at 3pm Saturday.

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