May 15th, 2010

cap, captain miss america

I now have my own official soundtrack.

So, a while ago, I made this comic:

Last night, I got an email from my college friend, Steven Singer.

It had this in it: Art Supply

Let me tell you about my friend Steve.

When I was a sophomore in college, I ran a popular server on the campus network where people could get games, icons, hacks, etc. It was sort of the precursor to P2P or torrenting. One of the things I had was a TON of Smashing Pumpkins stuff.

One night, I got a BC message (BC was an old AppleTalk-based precursor to AIM) It said “Hey, are you the Smashing Pumpkins girl?”

I said yes.

“Come to Jewett Parlor.”

I had no idea what I was expecting. Jewett was another dorm. Every dorm at Vassar had a fancy parlor in addition to the more typical dorm multipurpose room. I got dressed (It was pretty late at night and I was in my jammies) and headed over.

When I got there, there was this guy sitting at the piano, ripping through pretty much the entire Smashing Pumpkins songbook. When he finished that, he started into other stuff. All kinds of stuff. And that is how we met.

Steve is freaking awesome. Thanks, Steve

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