June 4th, 2010

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LJ Idol Week 28 Recs

Hi, all!

So this week's LJ Idol topic was "The Salt of the Earth." The competition is down to nineteen people and most of the entries were really great this week. Here are some I would like to recommend!

alexpgp wrote a story about a heroic dog. Read it here.

fourzoas wrote a memoir of her grandfather. Read it here.

gratefuladdict wrote a story about a trip into a salt mine. Read it here.

rivermirage wrote about making Witch's Brew. Read it here.

strryeyedgrrl wrote about getting to know her grandmother. Read it here.

And I wrote about Gandhi and the Salt Satyagraha in India. Read it here.

Enjoy! And if you have time to vote, please do! The poll is under the cut and ends at 9PM on Friday. You can also click on the other entries to read them from the poll.

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