June 27th, 2010

cap, captain miss america

LJ Idol Predictions?

Apologies to people who haven't been following Idol, but I've been writing up my review of the week, and I thought it would be neat to see who people's predictions are for the Final Four Idol contestants.

theafaye was mentioning in her journal that a while ago, we discussed the Top 10 but now that we're down to 13, many if not most of the people mentioned as a Top 10 are gone.

Now that we have a Lucky 13, who do you think will make the Final Four? You can write down your predictions, or your Fantasy Final Four, or both!

If you don't remember who's left, it's

cap, captain miss america

LJ Idol Recs Week 31

This week in LJ Idol, we had to each do two entries from five potential topics-- Three for the first entry, two for the second one.

The topics for the first entry were "Unexplored Country," "Things I Didn't Mean," and "Moving Target."

The topics for the second one were leftover topics from earlier in the game: "The Place that Cannot Be" and "Precognition."

There are twenty-six entries this week. I don't feel like I can really post about all of them and do it justice, so I'll return to just posting about a few of the highlights of the week.

alexpgp wrote a story about a psychic who gets more than she bargained for and a story about some knights-errant who get more than they bargained for. Two great pieces of well-written, humorous fiction.

fourzoas wrote a piece of fiction about the search for happiness and desperate acts as fantasy (her first LJ Idol fiction) and a series of vignettes from her son's babyhood.

notbatman wrote the terrible true story about how licking can send you to the hospital and a not so true story about a shrinking home.

talon wrote musings on the work of a psychologist and a story about a storyteller

All of the posts I've mentioned are just delicious, but there are many other excellent ones in the running this week and you should read them all.

Mine, of course, were the story of Sarah Winchester who built the Winchester Mystery House, and a second part in the kiddie superhero saga

Read and vote for your favorites! Of course I would very much appreciate your votes. This week, you may vote in both polls, but you must join therealljidol to vote in the second poll. It just takes a second to do and there are definitely a bunch of people who would appreciate it if you did!

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