July 12th, 2010

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LJ Idol, Week 33 Recs

Wow! So...I somehow participated in therealljidol again this week, after going to all the trouble of dropping out?

But intrepia, who is my new awesome RL friend I met through Idol asked me to be her partner for her post this week, and now her position in the contest is on the line based on my entry.

If you didn't read our story, the first (and last) parts are in intrepia's journal, over here, and then my MIDDLE part (we literally intersected, oh boy!) is here. I didn't get a lot of comments this week, I think because I posted on a Friday afternoon, so I'm hoping those of you who haven't read it yet will take a peek. It is not a comic! It is a story, with Tarot cards!

Everyone else had to do the same thing. It's getting down to a really small number of people, so I'm trying to limit my recs here-- there were others I liked, but these were the pairings I liked the most:

fourzoas wrote with drjeff. They both wrote personal narrative that dealt with memory and game-playing. I really liked how they worked together and it reminded me of when drjeff and cacophonesque wrote about going to their first baseball games earlier this year. drjeff's piece is here and fourzoas' piece is here.

mstrobel wrote with comedychick. They both wrote stories dealing with unrequited love. comedychick wrote a memory, in cold, unadorned prose, and mstrobel wrote a fantasy piece that was the stylistic opposite. mstrobel's piece is here and comedychick's is here.

You can read the rest here.

And as always, the poll is under the cut. I know intrepia would appreciate your votes, and I will, too! We are doing pretty well but it would be a shame for Connie to get eliminated on my watch! Poll closes Monday at 9pm Eastern Time.

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